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This DJ/producer has done more by the age of 29 than most can think of doing in a lifetime. Djeff Afrozilla makes this weeks DJ of the Week.

PolyRhythm’s debut album on Ocha Records, Dale Candela, turns the heat up!

With over 40 DJs from all over the world, MCH gives us a wide range to pick from for our WeekendMix. Here are four that are sure to move you.

Even after five years, paradise manages to have a few surprises

King Casamena gives ‘Majestic’ the red carpet treatment with remixes by Osunlade, Ezel, Sobz, Zulumafia and Dikmal.

Brazilian Soul Crew feat Rainy Payne “Less Than” gives us more than we bargain for.

Get ready to be set free to move as you will … on the dance floor.

Forget Me is one of those tunes that hangs around like a bittersweet memory.

Final Wielkiej Cioty gets an edit toward Freedom by Lars Behrenroth.

Annie Mac has been making her mark on the scene since 2004. With nine years of emerging music and evolving talent, she continues to keep it simple and keep it about the music.